Please......... be
Well RED between the lines

Due to service provider changes (ie dimimuntion of services/price hike) the old tried and tested contact methodology has had to be revised so until we pretty up this page please click this link    :

tell me about a dance eventyou are putting on/like  the dance contact form proper

Remember Post Codes -are useful, and a few other details like Band, Caller, Prices, supper etc. Given time and thought the contact form will eventually prompt you, but for now, tell me & I can ask for more data. And its free!

if all else fails use this address but tell me what computer/OS/browser you are using

PS techies - please don't try to use any e-mail address you find embedded in the HTML - it will change after each SPAM message. OK? do  not  use   these   email  addresses , you  have  been   told