Three dances written at Chippenham Festival 2004 with Pete Coe and Eddie Upton running two dance writing workshops
this was an evolution of a dance Pete offered us with gaps for us to fill. Then he called for variations to individual moves which produced the eponymous "Windmill Turn".

Chippenham Windmill

devised @
Chippenham Folk Festival 2004
Double Circle. For as many as will.        Men on inside facing out, ladies facing partner.
A1 Windmill turns  
1-4  Right hand to right hand, men turn around the ladies lifting their arm above the ladies heads. Ladies still holding
5-8  Ladies repeat a mirror move with left hand to left hand hand
A2 Turning dosi do  
1-4  couples dosi do right shoulders turning (single) as they move.
5-8 repeat left shoulders
B1  Balance & Clap  

Normal kick balance move plus clapping at the same time.
Clap self, clap right to partner (during kick), clap self, clap left (ditto), clap self, clap behind (ditto), clap self, clap both hands (ditto).
Dancers with pet hates can chose to clap or balance only or gaze longingly at each other

B2 Promenade & regress  
  Promenade and ladies turn out & regress to man behind current partner. (eg clockwise)
tune : 32 bar jig - (works well to a rant step too).

 If you like this dance enough to use it, please mention Chippenham Folk Festival.
- oh and that it can be found at