The dance Lord Redesdale's Clause was written in commemoration of the script ammendment   in the PEL bill added by said Lordship to allow Morris dancing an exemption from acursed statute - provided the musicians are not amplified.
It was written at the time this ammendment was added.
No licence needed for your old Morris then
there is a very familiar tune called the Redesdale Hornpipe - pdf . - ABC . - Midi

Lord Redesdale's Clause

V1 devized by
Cresby Brown 2003
A couple in the No 1 Position cross set, towards No 3 and
individually round the outside of 3
meet at the back of 3 and through 3
turn out to own sides and
through sides to place (8 past 8 move)
     8 past 8
all RH turn 1 & a bit ending with men ready for:   F1 M1  
  M2   F4
  F2 M4
    M3 F3  
A2 men LH star 3/4   F4 M2  
1 & a bit dosi do M3   F3
B1 Ladies RH star 3/4 F1 M1
LH turn new partner 1 and a bit   M4 F2  
with ladies ready to  
    F2 M2  
ladies do half a star ladies' chain M3   F1
(everyone should be back with partner) F3 M1
    M4 F4  
B2 swing partners to end of verse   F2 M2  
  M3   F1
couples have progressed one place F3 M1
anti- clockwise   M4 F4  
couple 2 now in 1st place ready to repeat verse.  
tune : 32 bar - suggest hornpipe
with thanks to Richard Mason for advice and help
he has more dances on his site